About Us

From humble beginnings in 2006 after purchasing AVRO Retail Minder, SAS Online grew to 400 stores in 2016. After which they decided it was time to develop a brand new, cloud based point of sale system, now known as Shopfront. After being released in 2017, Shopfront has quickly grown to more than 200 stores and processes over $250 million dollars per year in transactions.

In late November 2019, Shopfront released its second version of Shopfront. Bringing many new and wanted features such as the Shopfront query language, WYSIWYG editors for receipts and statements, new ways of reordering stock and more.

With a dedicated small team, Shopfront is redefining the expectations for point of sale systems.

The Team


Travis Bongiovanni

Lead Experience Agent

Founder of SAS Online, Travis has been involved in the liquor industry from a young age growing up always in his parent's bottleshops.

Travis is a mocha loving, Nickleback listening Essendon Bombers supporter who has two children.

  • Spotify on repeat
  • Loves labelling and cabling
  • Self-proclaimed FIFA god


Nicholas Clark

Shopfront Lead Developer

After starting his own tech company when he was sixteen, Nick created Shopfront in early 2017. Nick also has a large amount of experience in the pet supply industry due to his parents owning multiple stores.

Nick enjoys a game of cricket and the occasional video game.

  • Built-in Google
  • Eight litres of water per day
  • FIFA god

Chris Leung

AvroPOS Lead Developer

FoxPro guru, Chris has worked on AvroPOS since 2009. Originally developing applications in the banking industry, Chris has a huge range of development experience.

Chris loves being out in the garden and avoiding questions about himself.

  • Must have routine
  • Ikea specialist
  • Tea connoisseur


Adam Simpkins

Full-Stack Developer

Started programming at age 10, Adam has had a passion for developing applications (in particular games) and working out how computers work. Adam joined Shopfront at age 18 in late 2017.

Adam is a video game enthusiast and amateur food critic who dabbles in a side of yo-yoing.

  • Always too hot
  • Earphones in
  • Keeps cafés alive


Liam Pendergrast

Customer Experience Agent

Hailing from Perth, Liam has worked in bottleshops since he was 23 until he joined Shopfront in late 2017.

Liam is an aspiring medieval flautist and avid cookie cooker (but doesn't mind an occasional store bought hobnob).

  • Ping pong champion
  • The traveller
  • Sports entertainment provider


Felipe Hernandez

Customer Experience Agent

Colombian born, Felipe joined Shopfront in mid 2018 after working in the hospitality industry and as a beer rep for a popular Victorian craft brewery.

Felipe loves a good craft beer, playing soccer and fencing. Felipe is also fluent is Spanish.

  • Wears four jackets at a time
  • In-house barista
  • Hello Felipe speaking... hello Felipe speaking