New on Shopfront: September 2020

Nick Clark

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for September 2020! Whilst we’ve got no major features this release, we’ve got a large number of minor features!

Minor Features

  • Future prices now indicates when a product is inactive,
  • Advanced stocktake now indicates when a product is inactive,
  • Express promotions now shows a product information dialog when the product’s name is pressed,
  • Dialog boxes have been redesigned for smaller screen (such as mobile phones),
  • Public order notes now appear directly in the WYSIWYG editor rather than being embedded into the [order-table],
  • Filters on the index pages (e.g. customers, products) are now hidden by default for small screens (mobile phones),
  • Discounted and locked prices now show an unlocked price which is what the normal price would be had the price not been locked,
  • Discounts are now based off the “unlocked” price (normal sell price including promotions but excluding discounts),
  • Products on parked sales no longer send as discounts unless the “unlocked” price is different from the current, locked price,
  • Whenever a product’s inventory has changed and the product edit page is open, you’ll now be presented with a dialog asking to confirm the inventory of the product,
  • Revision history tables now highlight the differences between the “from” and “to” values (green is addition, red is removal and blue is modified),
  • You can now return a transfer the same way you can return an invoice,
  • The parked sales sell screen option now automatically refreshes when it receives a new parked sale,
  • All POS routes are now loaded from the local cache by default which has dramatically improved the speed of opening a page in a new tab which has an ID in the URL,
  • Price lists can now discount each item by a dollar amount,
  • Scan rebates are now shown on the promotion view page,
  • Cursor position now remains in the cash calculator after a routine sync when on the close register page,
  • Everyday tickets has been reworked for small (mobile phone) screens,
  • Refund reason is now available to be used in advanced reports,
  • Login attempts now automatically time out after three seconds,
  • Product import CSV will now be previewed before imported,
  • Multiple filters can now be selected for the slow moving stock miscellaneous report,
  • [Developer] Prices are now guaranteed to be ordered by quantity then price set

Bug Fixes

  • Price changes applied to a family now appears in the revision history for all products, not just the one which the change occurred on,
  • Discounts on the register closure view page are no longer being duplicated every time a discounted sale was parked,
  • WYSIWYG editors show left-justified image padding correctly,
  • Moving between two reports saved to the user quick menu now correctly loads the second report,
  • Sales sent via Vendor Connect now correctly send whether the product was a case or single sold,
  • Family pricing now checks if it should be recalculated after a promotion has been applied to part of the family,
  • Loading a saved sales report filtered by customer now shows the correct customer name instead of just “Customer”,
  • Prices updated from the stock list now appear in the revision history including all tax,
  • Products created from the Master Database without modification now appear in the everyday tickets,
  • Tax on freight and fees is now dependent upon supplier setting,
  • Prevented duplicate products from appearing on transfers and orders received via Vendor Connect,
  • Adjusting a price list override price by profit percentage now works as expected, previously it was overriding the price with the percentage specified,
  • [Linkly] (PC-EFTPOS) transactions for some banks were able to be cancelled in Shopfront between the card being presented and Shopfront being informed of the transaction resulting in Shopfront believing the transaction had been fully cancelled, Shopfront now handles this correctly and continues the transaction rather than cancelling it,
  • [MYOB] Prevented duplicate invoices being sent to MYOB due to MYOB’s API timing out but still processing the request