New on Shopfront: August 2021

Nick Clark

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for August 2021! It’s a light-on month for features and fixes with a large amount of development going towards large features coming out shortly.

Some of these features are still rolling out to stores and should become available within the next couple of weeks.

Minor Features

  • Added integration to Thirsty Camel’s Hump Club,
  • Added copy criteria button to the promotion edit page,
  • Rearranged a few tables in the security centre to look nicer on mobile devices

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented a gift card from being redeemed multiple times within the same sale,
  • When using the select all checkbox on the promotions page, we now validate that the promotions selected are for the current search, not a previous search (previously searching for “aug” would generate a search for “a”, “au” and then “aug” and could result in “aug” finishing before “a”),
  • Saving the register closure tags for a register will no longer remove the tags from other registers,
  • Importing customers via CSV now works as expected when specifying the customer_group_id column,
  • Reordered the promotional category dropdown on the promotion edit page to be alphabetical,
  • Revision history for price lists no longer show the fallback rule as an “unknown item”,
  • Prevented a race condition resulting in the customer display occasionally showing the previous sale when the cash drawer had to open to to a payment method requiring it,
  • Inventory for a previous date report can no longer be run for today’s date