New on Shopfront: July 2021

Nick Clark

Welcome to what’s new on Shopfront for July 2021! We’ve got a number of new features coming up in the next six months and a lot of our current development is going towards implementing those (thus why the last couple of months have been a bit lean for features). Check out what’s coming soon to Shopfront in our new blog post!

Minor Features

  • Xero can now have a different company file per Outlet,
  • Adjusted total sale discount price distribution to be simpler to include discounting based off the current sell price (previously we distributed using a percentage of the everyday price),
  • Added a filter in advanced stocktakes for Outlet,
  • Added integration to Thirsty Camel’s Milie ordering system

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented an error when updating a user dashboard with a report that contains more than 26 lines then viewing that report,
  • Stopped deleted favourite reports crashing the user dashboard page,
  • Cashout and refund dialog no longer shows only payments which have been approved,
  • Stocktake variance reports now use the most recently edited cost if running on mixed mode and the product’s inventory is negative,
  • Prevented a rounding issue for products which require more than two decimal places to calculate the correct price and using match price points family price distribution,
  • Fixed banner group promotions sending in AEST timezone for stores located in other timezones if the store was created after the 26th of February 2021,
  • Stopped receipts automatically printing when auto print receipt is turned off for a customer group but auto print payment receipts is turned on,
  • Prevented price calculation calculating prices as a positive for returned products when quantity is a decimal and family price distribution is set to match price points,
  • Removing the primary image (the first image) on the product edit page no longer hides the additional images,
  • Fixed numerous colour issues when in dark mode